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Why is there an upcharge for longer length hair?
In order to cut long hair properly, the hair needs to be wet for control and sectioned for an even cut. We don’t want to cut out steps just to rush a service. Either we do things correctly or we won’t do it.

If you take walk-ins, why can’t I get in the chair immediately?
We have a busy flow of clients, so it’s hard to get in the chair within minutes of you calling or walking in. Until we increase our staff, there may be a wait. Or you can call and try to make arrangements to come in 30 minutes before or after hours.

Why do you emphasize that kids hold still?
We totally understand that clients want a great haircut without paying an arm and leg. But moving kids make it very difficult to execute quality services in the allotted time frame. So we ask that children are able to at least sit still while receiving services.

Can you cut my type of hair?
That’s a great question and we are happy to announce that we service all diversities very well. We have a diverse staff that is up to date on every haircut style. We specialize in cutting hair cowlicks the correct way as well as service mixed curly hair men/boys & all other nationalities. Basically, we can do everything on everyone.

Why do you hold credit card information when making an appointment?
Your credit card is held to assure us of the appointment made. We will only charge your credit card after the service is provided or if there is a no-show/no call on your behalf. (Please let us know 2 hours in advance or your credit card will be charged 60% of the service price)

Are you a licensed barbershop?
We cover every aspect of the barbering culture from a traditional barbershop point of view without all of the excuses and gimmicks. Simply put, we give great haircuts to men, women and kids with a heavy focus on detail finishings. Whatever barber tool that’s your preference we can accommodate your needs we are real barbers.

Do you take walk-in appointments?
If your time is valuable or you're on a schedule its best to book an appointment online but yes, we take walk-ins but with such a busy clientele base is unrealistic to think you can get immediate service. you will have to wait until the next available barber is ready or simply lock your place in line and request a call back notification.

What kind of services do you offer?
Straight razor shaving (with a real straight razor!)
Straight razor cleanup on the neck
Detailed beard trims
Skintight fades (the real OG way)
Yes, we can put designs in hair
Trimmed eyebrows
Ear & Nose waxed

It’s a self-grooming education101 class that we offer to customers. The problem is knowing the correct tools to use and techniques to keep yourself groomed in between barbershop visits, keeping your edges neat, beard or mustache trimmed or even learning how to shave the face. So, we will put together a custom education package just for you with all the tools, products and the know how to achieve personal grooming upkeep. For more info ask you barber for course details or follow us on Meta, Instagram & our YouTube channel.

Where do I park?
Anywhere in downtown Powell is free public parking rather on the street or a city designated parking lot.

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